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Our school

The place that grows with students


At Naša škola, our aim is to offer a Montessori learning experience that enables students to maximize their abilities. Our approach emphasizes personalized learning and practical engagement, enabling students to progress at their own speed. We foster a supportive atmosphere where students are encouraged to confront challenges and attain their objectives, both personal and academic.

What we offer?
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Bilingual environment,

CLIL method

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Kind and respectful approach

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Mixed classes

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Emphasis on ecology

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Healthy food

About us

"Children should learn how to think, not what to think."

Our school is situated on Hrebendova Street in the Old Town district. The street was named after the writer Matej Hrebenda. The school is surrounded by urban forests. The excellent location provides us with many opportunities for trips both into the city center and beyond.

More than just achieving academic knowledge, our goal is to shape independent, respectful, and balanced young individuals. Our small, community-oriented school, guided by a 21st-century approach to education, promotes collaboration among students, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The learning environment at Naša škola allows students to experience the joys of freedom and responsibility. A balanced ratio of choice and accountability enhances motivation, leading to higher concentration and academic success.

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CLIL method

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Hejneho math

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Cambridge certificate

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Our parents say
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Martina, Bratislava

"My daughter Karla feels respected and accepted at school. She enjoys discovering new things. It's a school that I missed as a child, I believe that the students will use their full potential in it."

Blond Woman

Vanda, Bratislava

"We were looking for a school that would not kill our son's curiosity, creativity and desire to learn about the world. However, in our school he receives much more - a kind, second family that learns and moves along with him. Every child deserves a quality education, support and kick jokes, and this fantastic mix is a beautiful reality here.


Smiling Young Woman

Zuzana, Bratislava

"As parents, we appreciate the most that the school naturally leads children to maximum independence and responsibility. We admire the creative techniques with which the teachers convey the subject matter to the children - thanks to which the children easily understand it, remember it and also have fun with it."

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